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TS-CHEM is a simple, easy to use software package for performing a full range of groundwater plume transport modeling analyses. The software contains a library of over 30 models (solutions to the advection-dispersion equation) that covers dozens of different problem setups for point, line or area contaminant sources; for bounded and unbounded aquifers; and for sources that are constant, exponentially decaying, or which can be set at various levels through time.

Multiple sources can be analyzed in a single modeling project, with sources placed at different locations in the aquifer, and starting and stopping at different user-specified times.

TS-CHEM contains a small internal database of transport parameter values for common contaminants (chlorinated solvents, BTEX, nitrate and metals), and the user can also enter their own custom contaminants and specify their properties.

TS-CHEM solves for plume concentrations at selected times; displays the contaminant distribution in various charts (contour maps, transects through the plume, and breakthrough curves as user-specified observation points); and provides an extensive set of tools to analyze plume area, volume, contaminant mass, and flux through selected plume transect locations.

Once the user has developed one or more plume contour maps of interest, those plume contours can be displayed on an interactive “real world” digital map. Images from the map, and from any of the other plume model charts, can be saved in standard image formats for inclusion in technical reports and presentations.

TS-CHEM allows groundwater scientists and engineers to quickly and easily perform a variety of plume transport analyses for:

  • Receptor impact analysis
  • Monitored natural attenuation evaluations
  • Plume area and groundwater Classification Exception Area delineation
  • Septic system nitrate/nitrogen loading analyses
  • Groundwater remediation planning
  • And many other groundwater contaminant plume applications and analyses

To download a FREE fully functional demo version of the software, or purchase TS-CHEM to unlock the full library of more than 30 analytical solutions, click on the "Try or Buy TS-CHEM" button below.

breakthrough curve
Breakthrough Curves
plume profile
Plume Profile
contour chart
Contour Chart

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