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To unlock all 30+ transport solutions and full chemical library in TS-CHEM, please purchase a software activation below:

To receive a discount on greater than 10 activations, pleaseĀ CONTACT US

Note - Each activation is good for one year on one computer. Activations are cross-platform, and can be used for either Windows or Apple version of TS-CHEM.

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Why Activate TS-CHEM?

A fully licensed version of TS-CHEM will allow you to access all 30+ analytical transport solutions as well as the entire chemical library, unlocking the full potential of TS-CHEM and the ability to select a solution and chemical that best represents conditions at your site, including:

  • Flexible options with regard to source shape and geometry
  • Multiple ways to represent source concentrations, including decaying sources and transient sources that can change over time (e.g., to account for plume remediation activities)
  • The ability to simulate other important processes, such as back diffusion out of low permeability zones
  • The choice of several common chemical constituents as well as the capability to manually input chemical properties.

Features Summary of the More Than 30 Available Models

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