SCL Plume Model

The SCL Plume Model spreadsheet incorporates the Srinivasan, Clement and Lee 2007 solution in an easy-to-apply Excel-based spreadsheet model that improves on the widely used original Domenico 1987 solution. The spreadsheet tool provides various numeric and graphic outputs which provide information to the analyst on plume behavior for the specified aquifer and contaminant properties. The SCL model improves upon the approximate Domenico solution by reducing inaccuracies that have been identified by various investigators under certain conditions.

The SCL Plume Model spreadsheet generates calculated data outputs (including concentrations along the plume centerline at a specified point in time) and model results charts (including a concentration vs. distance chart and plume contour chart) that can assist the user in examining and better understanding plume behavior at their site of interest.

The SCL Plume Model includes a comprehensive User Guide and an Example Application, and can be downloaded free of charge via the link below.