Additional Resources

U.S. Government Groundwater Resources (modeling, parameters, standards)

  • Groundwater Models to Assess Exposures - USEPA
    Provides a list of downloadable software for simulating groundwater flow, contaminant transport, water supply well capture zones, etc.
  • On-line Tools for Site Assessment Calculation - USEPA
    A set of prepackaged software tools developed and provided on-line by USEPA for performing simple site assessment calculations. Calculators allow easy calculation of groundwater hydraulic gradient, seepage velocity, and plume transport (1D and 3D).
  • Contaminants Found in Groundwater - USGS
    Describes the process of seeping groundwater dissolving chemical contaminants from subsurface waste sources, and provides a list of common groundwater contaminants with associated sources of the contaminant and its potential health effects.
  • Water Resources Groundwater Software - USGS
    Compendium of information on water resources groundwater software in areas such as groundwater flow, contaminant transport, geochemical reactions, and groundwater-surface water interactions.
  • Ground Water Modeling Research
    Discusses research into the use of computer models to better understand and forecast the behavior of contaminants in groundwater. Provides a list of free groundwater modeling software.
  • Fundamentals of Ground-Water Modeling
    Presents an overview of the essential components of ground-water flow and contaminant transport modeling in saturated porous media. Groundwater contaminant transport processes, simple equations, input parameters, and applications are discussed, along with an explanation of the differences between analytical and numerical computer models.
  • Water Quality Standards: Regulations and Resources - USEPA
    Overview USEPA web page for information relating to water quality standards and requirements.
  • Water Quality Criteria: State-Specific Water Quality Standards - USEPA
    Compilation of state-promulgated and other water quality standards. Standards for a state can be accessed by clicking on that state in the interactive map. Documents summarizing Clean Water Act and other standards are provided.

State Guidance Documents and Resources

TS-CHEM Analytical Transport Modeling Solutions